We've never met but I know more than you think...

I know you started your business to fulfil a dream.



I know you’re smart and driven and that you have a pretty clear idea of what success looks like to you.


Maybe you’re right at the beginning with heaps of ideas but nothing tangible to show for it.


Or maybe you’re further along but organisation isn’t your jam.


Or maybe it is (snap!) but your dreams are so big that you can’t see a way to get there.


Whatever stage you’re in, I’m certain you’re stuck on one of these:

  • You've maxed out the number of hours you can put into your business without giving up on more sleep - maybe you've even had some hard hitting realisations with your health and wellbeing?

  • You're not hitting your income goals (and if you're honest with yourself you cant see a way of ever doing that)

  • You spend so much time working IN your business that you barely have time to work ON your business

  • You have no idea what systems you need (or HOW to get them to work for you)

or maybe You're thinking about giving up altogether?


First off let me start by saying that you’re not alone - 50% of business owners give up in their first 2 years!


I’m pretty sure every single entrepreneur out there has felt the pressures of their business demanding more of their time. 


Even with the most incredible ideas and exciting revenue goals you can still get side tracked by all the busy work.


Launching your next big thing seems so far away, doesn't it?


But you’re not one of those business owners, are you? You’re smart, committed and ambitious - you know when to ask for help.


And could you imagine if that help allowed you to:


  • Know exactly what to do in your business and when

  • Feel totally on top of your day-to-day work AND your big plan

  • Have monumental productivity tactics, guaranteed to get you more done

  • Have a clear strategy to hit those exciting revenue goals (and maybe even surpass them!)

  • Hand over ALL the details of your launch/project/year and sit back while an organisational ninja took care of all the logistics for you

  • Actually enjoy your business and doing what you do best instead of surviving it!

Well if those are lighting you up then I'd love to introduce you to The Planning Intensive

The Planning Intensive

The Planning Intensive is a totally transformational package where I’ll immerse myself in your business to truly understand what matters to you and what you want to achieve.


The Planning Intensive is the right package for you if you’re:


  • Launching a new product or service and you want do it with ease and joy

  • You’re in an amazing position where you’ve grown quickly but you don’t have any systems or processes to keep up with the pace

  • You’ve previously dove head first into a launch and later regretted skipping the details

  • You’re right at the beginning of your business journey and you want support in building a plan to get off the starting blocks

Your investment: £397


 I live and breathe this stuff.


There is quite honestly nothing I like more than taking goals and dreams and turning them into a bullet proof plan.


A plan is the difference between success and stalling so consider me your success accountability partner.


I’ll listen to your thoughts and vision and transform them into an achievable plan, by breaking everything down into manageable steps that are always realistic (because an outrageous plan you’ve no chance of sticking to is less than useless).

This is how The Planning Intensive works


Book your call & complete the form to allow me to learn about you and your business before we speak


We'll have a 90 min call and get fully immersed in the details


I'll create a bulletproof plan for you to follow in Asana with timeframes


You have the opportunity to request two revisions - let's make sure the plan is perfect for you


I'll deliver your final bespoke plan during a 30 min handover call

all this within 1 week!

You will be left with a CLEAR plan of action, feeling fully EMPOWERED to achieve those goals...

Oh, and if you love what we achieve in the Intensive and you want my ongoing support to make your big dreams your reality then we can chat about monthly OBM support 


Sounds simple, can't I just do it on my own?

I love to believe in miracles, but ultimately things don’t simply come together like magic. Staying methodical and organised to keep on track and keep everything moving, is SO MUCH more time consuming than you think. It's way more efficient to have a dedicated OBM to do take care of this for you. 

How long will my plan cover?

Your plan will be completely bespoke and we will discuss dates and project length on our strategy call.

What if I need an OBM and VA?

I've got you covered! Book in a call so that I can pull together the perfect plan for your business.

What are the benefits of working with an OBM?

You will receive bespoke project services for your business needs, without the cost of investing in an employee. All services are carried out remotely and this is the MOST cost effective way to get your business back on track.