Monthly OBM Support

When you started your business did you have any idea of what running a business actually entailed? Or how many hats you needed to wear on any given day?


I mean, you love so many parts of your entrepreneur life but the smooth running of it just doesn’t feel easy.


In fact, you’re a bit stuck, aren’t you?

i hear you.


There aren’t ever enough hours in the day. Ever.

You’re drowning in all the ‘necessary things’...

You haven’t really thought about the direction you’d like your business to go? Or your next big move?


Planning and strategy sound like nice ideas but at this point you’re just managing the day to day stuff.


And you’re so wrapped up working IN your business that you never work ON your business.

Well let me start by telling you that you're not alone.

No-one can be great at everything and if you’re brilliant at what you do then it’s time to enlist the help of a sidekick so you can stay in your zone of genius.


Because something truly magical happens when you free up your to-do list and your headspace.


You have HEAPS more time to focus on building your client base.

You build momentum and grow way faster as a result!


Your revenues increase. You get to work on exciting projects that have been on the back burner for ‘quieter times’.


let me tell you what this could mean for you... 

  • Head for a mid-morning coffee without feeling bad about it

  • Sit back calmly when you’re launching because you KNOW everything is well taken care of

  • Be proud of your client attraction and onboarding systems instead of quietly ashamed

  • Say goodbye to the monthly panic when you think about how you’re going to find your next client (because instead you’ve got well oiled systems in place for just that)

At this point you may be thinking you need a virtual assistant?

And yes - I bet a VA can help with a lot of what you NEED to let go of.

But actually, you know that you need someone who can step into a bigger space in your business...

Basically you need someone show will help you get sh*t done on a scale like NEVER before...

You need someone to manage and plan. You need someone who's a systems guru and who makes productivity look easy.


Well that's me!

I'm an OBM with a law degree and 8 years of corporate experience. I'm the go-to person for planning projects.

I live and breathe this stuff. For years in the corporate world I was the one who got stuck in and got sh*t done.


If something wasn't working or taking too long, I was the first to look at processes and how they can be improved to drive productivity.

I have seen businesses suffer time and time again where there is a lack of planning and coordination behind projects.

And with all that experience, just imagine what I can do for your business!

When we work together I'll be involved in the strategy and planning of your business right from the beginning, so I'll know exactly where you want to go and what systems I can implement for you to get there.

This means I will be perfectly aligned with your goals - because I'll understand where they have come from and how I can help you to reach them.

Monthly OBM Support

Are you tired and frustrated of not being able to get your business to where you want it to be?

Don’t you love it when things just come together and fall into place?


Well guess what, they can! And you definitely don't need to do this yourself.

Share with me your vision for your business - no matter how big - we don’t judge round here!


Through careful listening, asking the right questions and using the correct tools I can turn this vision into reality. 

I take care of your projects as if they're my own. Meticulous planning and coordination will ensure that milestones are being met.

I also provide additional support as a virtual assistant if your business requires more general operational support.

You will feel so much more at peace, knowing that things are being managed properly - with the right care and attention.


Once you invest in monthly support, you will receive full project planning and management support. 

Your investment: From £1000 per month