What is an Online Business Manager (OBM)?

An OBM is a strategic business partner who supports successful businesses to grow, scale and achieve operational sustainability, through high level strategic support.


Is a virtual assistant (VA) and OBM the same?

VA's carry out day to day supportive duties, online business managers help to further business strategy through high level systems, project and strategic support.


What are the benefits of working with an OBM?

You will have another fully invested person in your business to further your business strategy who builds sustainability into your business, at a fraction of the cost of an employee.

Where do you work from?

I work remotely from my home in London. During our time together we will communicate via email, video calls and an instant messaging platform (i.e: Slack)

How do I know if I need an OBM?

If your business is already successful and it's on the verge of making a leap to the next level, whether that's growing or scaling up. You need someone who understands your business,  its challenges, and knows how to create improvements and structure for long term sustainability.

How are services provided?

I only take on a very limited number of clients at once to ensure my services are delivered to high standards. I carry out and deliver all the work, so you'll always get a personalised and bespoke experience.


What is the process once I've booked a call?
Our 30 minute discovery call is essential to ensure we are the right fit. Not only do you need to be comfortable with letting me in to your business, but I need to be certain that I can provide you with value that is worth your investment.


What if I need additional support?

I am always happy to help where possible - please contact me with your requirements.

What systems do you use?

Currently I use Trello, Asana or ClickUp. However I'm always learning outside of providing my client's services so do let me know if you use another platform.