the story so far

I graduated with an LLB Law (Hons) degree in 2014 and since then have worked in the corporate world, making an impact for global corporations: non-profits, live sports streaming and an Alphabet company.


At DAZN (a global leading sports broadcaster), I got to rebuild and streamline processes for the legal & commercial teams, instrumental in setting up the foundations for their growth. I designed and managed operational processes which oversaw multiple successful market launches, including the launch of their service globally.


Problem solving, putting in place transformational processes, managing launches, projects and processes strategically led to my success in the corporate world.

When I began providing services in the online space as a Virtual Assistant, I found myself doing much more - I became more strategically involved and realised that all those years of climbing the corporate ladder had given me the skills to serve successful 6 figure business owners as an OBM.

want to know more?

As a firm believer in karma, giving back via my business profits is a fundamental. Each year I donate a percentage of my profits to a chosen charity.


This year, I'm donating to  The Sepsis Trust because there needs to be more awareness for this sudden and deadly disease - something which, very luckily, my mum is a survivor to.

I am health and wellbeing conscious with a crazy obsession for house plants! There's nothing better than bringing the outdoors in, especially when your home becomes your office too.

I run my business from my home in London, where I live with my husband who inspired me to pursue my entrepreneurial dream!